Specializing in Highway, City, County and Rural Marking and Striping in Kingston and South Eastern Ontario

Online Pavement Markings & Maintenance specializes in highway, city, county, rural marking and striping in Kingston and South Eastern Ontario. We are equipped to handle 400 series highways, county roads, city and rural road pavement marking and striping projects of any size including parking lots and even airports. Our highly qualified staff has experience working with MTO and local municipalities to meet project deadlines and overcome difficult specifications. We have successfully completed projects for many cities, municipalities and private businesses.

We do:

  • Line Painting
  • Pavement Marking including Symbols
  • Decorative pavement marking
  • Preformed (tape) striping
  • Removal of lines for updated design changes

Durable pavement markings using Plural Component (cold plastic|MMA)

Plural component has been the most common and durable pavement marking material in Canada for over a decade and has been used on roadways for stop bars, cross walks and arrows to name just a few.

The popularity of plural component markings can be attributed to several factors which include:

  • High durability
  • Good retro-reflectivity
  • Relatively low cost based
  • Lasting more than 7 years

You know you have driven over this type of product as it is applied at the thickness of a dime and can be felt in your car.

Painted Lines and Pavement Markings

Traffic paints are the oldest and most widely used pavement marking materials in existence. Paint is a common pavement marking material used by MTO today. Paint still remains the most inexpensive of all pavement marking materials, although its cost has increased slightly as new formulations have been introduced. Paint is almost exclusively used for long-line applications, often in maintenance projects, and is currently the only long-line material used. Traffic paint is available in a solvent-based, water-based and acetone-based and each has its own attributes.

Preformed (Tape) Lines and Pavement Markings (Removable Temporary Marking Material)

Preformed tapes are cold-applied, preformed pavement marking materials that are supplied in continuous rolls of various lengths and widths. Preformed tapes have the advantage over sprayed or extruded materials because they do not require expensive application equipment or experienced operators to place, and they require no drying or curing times. While tapes have a significantly higher initial cost than most other materials, the service life is good and is easy to remove. Preformed tapes are frequently used for transverse markings, but are often used for longitudinal lines in high-traffic areas. Tapes are highly durable and abrasion resistant and are often used in Kingston in the most severe traffic conditions where temporary markings are needed.