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Stamped Asphalt with Online Pavement Markings & Maintenance

Imagine all the charm of traditional decorative paving in Kingston – built to last. From elegant slate to intricate hand-laid pavers, stamped asphalt can cost-effectively produce an architectural design or decorative accent that compliments your home. For new a construction, choose from one of stamped asphalt’s standard colours or create your own custom colour.

The Process we sue for Asphalt Stamping

We start with hot asphalt or heat asphalt using infrared reciprocating heater and we then press woven steel templates into the warm asphalt using a plate compactor to create the imprint.

Applying stamped asphalt is faster, easier and less labor intensive to install than other decorative pattern paving surfaces. Plus, it can be installed on existing asphalt in good condition to save on pavement removal costs. Stamped asphalt provides an alternative to expensive products without compromising aesthetic quality or durability. The stamped asphalt process can create realistic-looking brick, slate, stone or other design effects directly on an asphalt surface.

Stamped Asphalt Key Benefits versus Brick Pavers and Stamped Concrete

Asphalt has a continuous surface which inhibits weed growth, erosion, shifting problems associated with freeze, thaw and vehicle movement. The installation of decorative stamped asphalt is also much quicker and less labor intensive than hand laid brick. This results in a drastically lower cost. Also, because it is still an asphalt surface, it benefits from a greater durability over individual bricks.

Benefits of Stamped Asphalt

Hover over the + signs to see some of the great benefits of Stamped Asphalt over conventional Paving installations.

Decorative Appeal: In addition to a wide range of patterns Stamped Asphalt can be customized for large logos & unique eye-catching designs.
Lower Initial Cost: Efficient fast installation methods save labor costs.
Flexibility: Can be in installed on new or existing asphalt.
Durability: The structurally sound asphalt base is without joints or seams, which prevents shifting, weed growth and damage from snowplows and sweepers. Stamped asphalt lasts longer.
Maintenance Savings: The Stamped Asphalt surface has no maintenance requirements and easy to repair.
Safety: No trip hazards and wheel chair friendly.