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At Online Pavement Markings & Maintenance, we use only Pure Liquid Asphalt for our affordable sealing service.

Liquid asphalt has been used on asphalt driveways and parking lots since the early 1940s. Proper cleaning and product application is the key to proper protection and a longer lasting seal. It is a product that will last one year with enough residual to know that something was applied to the driveway the next year. It does tend to be shiny in comparison to Slurry Coating. We don’t add cut back or any other by-product to our sealer.

We are committed to higher standards.


Our driveway sealing prices are based on the square footage of your driveway (which you can find by multiplying the length and width of your driveway). Once you know this, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to give you a quote. Cracks and oil stains are extra so give us a call at 613 542-4200, if you prefer a free estimate by one of our trained estimators.

Get in on a Good Deal

We offer discounts to larger driveways, as well as group discounts. Round up three or more people on your street or within the area to seal and receive yours for less!

Contact Us Today for your Free Esimate

example of liquid asphalt sealing

A Word of Caution

If someone comes to your door and asks if you want your driveway sealed, be careful. There have been a lot of issues with bad products being used in the South Eastern Ontario region. These individuals offer you a cheaper price, but there are risks involved. Please remember to always deal with a local reputable contractor for your protection.

Risk Factors

Your driveway will be stay sticky for some time and the black oil covering could track into your house or business, get onto children’s clothes while playing outside, on a basketball or any sport equipment used in the driveway. Slipping hazards, especially when it rains and or in the winter months, are also an issue.

You should consider our Slurry coating as it contains 3lbs of sand per gallon of product. Slurry has a lifespan from 3 to 10 years depending on the condition and use of your driveway and your maintenance ritual of removing the winter sand off of your driveway surface early in the spring.

Training & Experience Ensure Top Performance from Pavement Sealing

Pavement Sealing brings back that fresh black as night finish, it prevents oxidation and is weather AND waterproof. This economic sealer must be applied by an experienced applicator. Our technicians have all the knowledge and experience to make the job right the first time, so contact Online Pavement Markings & Maintenance today!

We are proud of our commitment to excellence.

Driveway Sealing Procedures

step-1 trim grass from edges of driveway
Clean & Trim the Edges

Trim grass and weeds along the side of driveway, if required, and any growing weeds through cracks and along the edges of sidewalks as best we can.

power cleaning the driveway
Power Clean!

Power-clean the surface using industrial blowers. If the surface requires it, we will use ultra high pressure water blasters to remove all grime and oxidization. This will insure the best surface for a proper bonding once the sealer is applied.

Fill em up!

Once the driveway is power cleaned, we then fill in the main cracks. Note: Please keep in mind that we only fix the main cracks. If the driveway is old and has alligator cracking, we will not fill them in.

Remove Stains & Debris

Oil stain removal. Main oil stains that have been left behind from your car or any spillage of other types of oils, grease etc. will get burned out with our special driveway torches before sealing. This insures that it won’t bleed through the sealer, especially in the hot summer days. We also have a spot primer if required and in worst case scenarios remove and replace with new asphalt.

Get Started, but Keep it Clean!

Once the main cracks are done, we then start the asphalt sealing process. First the surrounding edges get done and protected by a board as we spray along the edges and concrete.

Let’s Seal it Up!

Once the cracks are done, we then seal your driveway with a heavy duty coat of pure liquid asphalt with a two-stage overlap application. This will give a nice even finish to your driveway surface.